About Us

Company Overview

dvanced Intelligent Reconnaissance Systems, LLC (A.I.R.S.) is an integration and development company with a focus on multi-function, remotely piloted, air vehicles for aerial assessment and support of critical ground operations where time is of the essence, access is limited, or resources cannot be deployed in an effective and timely manner to address a given challenge.

Founded in January of 2012, the company has a market focus on search and rescue, security, and military applications.  A.I.R.S. integrates systems from several manufacturers to provide various levels of aircraft platforms to meet the individual mission requirements.  This enables A.I.R.S. to design platforms to address each client’s needs with a custom solution, as well as, to offer more general platforms that can meet a wide range of requirements.

All A.I.R.S. platforms are developed for survivability, ease of use, reliability, and unparalleled capability.  The customer is a valued part of the A.I.R.S. team and, as such, receives support from all levels of the company, including support from corporate executives.

In December of 2012, A.I.R.S. partnered with a company in Kenya, Advanced Reconnaissance Systems and Solutions, to make these platforms available in several countries on the African continent.  Their planned uses are for agricultural management, infrastructure security, and poaching mitigation.

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