A.I.R.S. Drone Aircraft built on safety and success


A.I.R.S. Unveils the Seeker Wing™

Montana, USA

Designed primarily for search and rescue, it’s a time, money, and life saver.  Not only can this bird locate a lost party with its on-board Sony block and Tau Infrared cameras, but it can also drop a small rescue kit to them!  Load the kit with energy bars, energy drinks, two-way radio, and the rescue becomes a lot easier on everyone.

There are three models currently available; the base model, the premium model, and the military model.  On-board systems capabilities are what sets them apart from each other.  While all extremely capable, the military model uses components from Lockheed and other military contractors.

The Seeker Wing™ has capabilities that make it desirable for use in many industries.  Because of the ease of use and the time it saves, ranchers can use it to find cattle or inspect fence lines; farmers can fly over their fields and see where they should apply more fertilizer and where they can cut back, thus saving money and increasing yields.  Wildlife management organizations can more easily track animals and find poachers.  Electric companies can fly over power lines to identify problem areas and do so in much less time.  Real estate agents can now give their clients a live tour of large properties without the expense of a helicopter and pilot.  Fire fighters can get a better look at wild land fires and use their resources more efficiently and increase their safety at the same time.  Law enforcement can fly over a scene to better assess the situation and improve officer safety.