With the rapid expansion of SUAV systems use, we’re putting together a top-notch team to supply and support A.I.R.S. platforms.  This is your chance to get in on the action and work with people and companies from around the world.  Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Sales Representative

In the USA, we’ve broken down the country into the same regions as designated by FEMA.  Each region will currently have one sales rep (some regions may share a sales rep with another region) who will enjoy a percentage of profit from each sale.  The majority of your job is done over the phone and Internet, in making contact with companies and government agencies.  You work from home and enjoy a lifestyle that permits you to be with your family while still earning a living.  As our company grows, additional profit sharing and benefits will be provided.  Send us an email via the contact form, for more information and to get started.

  • Sales Partner

This differs from a Sales Rep in several ways.  First, as a Sales Partner, you will purchase a platform, at cost, to have with you for demonstrations.  You are the ‘face’ of A.I.R.S. in your region/s and will be rubbing elbows with the decision makers of companies and government agencies.  You’ll set up demonstrations and help those in attendance to understand why A.I.R.S. platforms will fulfill their mission requirements beyond what the competition can offer.  You will receive a very rewarding percentage of profit from each sale.  Each Sales Partner is the direct supervisor of his / her regional Sales Representative.  Together, you help the customer meet the mission need.  As our company grows, additional profit sharing and benefits will be provided.  Send us an email via the contact form, for more information and to get started.

For national organizations and government agencies that span the entire country, a sales team will be chosen based on current sales numbers and customer feedback.  There will be times when more than one sales team will work on a project together in order to give the best sales support possible.  This is a team environment, and as such, we’re looking for team players who are motivated and success oriented.

These positions will be filled quickly, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Other positions will be opening up in training, maintenance/manufacturing, pilots, in the office and more.



We’re looking for a few good men and women!

If you have any interest in the exciting world of drones, get your resume in now!  We’ll be looking for pilots, mechanics, systems developers, and office staff.  Former/retired military and law enforcement is a plus as some of our clientele require this, especially if you’ve had a TS clearance or above.

Are you a disabled vet?  In your heart, you’re still a warrior even if your body can no longer carry the load.  We understand that!  In fact, we empathize with that and want to give you an opportunity to continue to serve, virtually if not physically.  There are many jobs that need your attention to detail and dedication, i.e., pilot, observer, systems development and testing, support staff, sales and demonstrations, and more.  Contact us, to see how you can get best fit into the A.I.R.S. team.

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